Nigel Ellway

RoleOur Founder and Executive DirectorBiographyNigel Ellway is a former journalist and Whitehall media advisor who describes himself as probably the only partially sighted global adventurer who’s walked through a minefield with a one legged man. Nigel created the All Party Parliamentary Group on Landmines in 2011, which is now the APPG on Explosive Threats and in 2017 originally developed the REVIVE Campaign to raise awareness of the APPG inquiry into victim assistance. He has been inspired by some of the most remarkable people around the world who have to cope on a daily basis with the futility of conflict and terrorism and who have suffered unimaginable personal cost. Nigel has taken the REVIVE message from the ruins of Mosul to the United Nations in Geneva, from the minefields of Cambodia to the European Union in Lxembourg, and to every politician and diplomat he has met along the way.