Statement by Nigel Ellway, Founding Director (REVIVE Campaign) and Head of Secretariat (All-Party Parliamentary Group on Explosive Threats). 4th April 2020.


The Coronavirus has stopped us marking today, the International Day of Mine Action Awareness in the way we have in the past, with an event in Parliament.

In many ways the virus is very similar to the scourge of landmines and explosive hazards – they are both insidious, indiscriminate and create great fear and uncertainty – and to some extent both are a consequence of man’s behavior.

For those of us who have never had to live with the fear of explosive violence, we are getting a taste of how it feels to be anxious to even step out of our front doors. For those who have been living with conflict for most of their lives, this virus must be another layer of hell.

How the world deals with both threats should be the same. Regardless of race, creed or national affiliation we must all work together and learn to live together.

We created REVIVE to raise the issues facing the victims of explosive violence at a global political level. Many of these victims are now at very high risk from the Coronavirus, please let’s not forget them.


REVIVE works collaboratively with mine-action and victim assistance organisations and academia around the world.