Vladimir Putin has thrown all human decency to one side in his unprovoked and repugnant attack on Ukraine. His indiscriminate use of the whole gamut of explosive weapons including landmines and cluster munitions – weapons banned under international convention – place both an appalling hazard to the innocent people of Ukraine and an immense task for those who will have to clear the hazards once Putin has been defeated. Already the whole population of Ukraine have become victims – either as casualties, refugees or prisoners of fear. Our one ray of positivity is that the Ukrainians haven’t fallen into despair and hopelessness. Their indomitable resilience is astounding! At REVIVE we stand alongside the Ukranian people and we will do our utmost to ensure politicians here in the UK and around the world make it possible for victim-assistance, EOD, mine-action and humanitarians organisations to act fast and without hinderance once the horror of Putin’s mindless aggression has been overwhelmed.